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my songs:RELIGION


Sla vee?oin solo
whatch the flow go
cause im goin so low
and why u sayin no no?

U religious freak
whats that thing u seak
that religious shit is making something leak
an?st makes u weak

oh hell yeah I hate em
wont even date em
wont even debate em
all those freaks that thing someone made em

why dont u realize
those books are full a lies
and u motherfuckers read em
and u cant even see em
u dont get the message
so u dont even need em

so burn em motherfucker, burn em
dont show your face to me or I will hurt em motherfucker, hurt em

why cant u see it its so simple
or ur just too warried about a dimple
or a pimple,
thats about to pop up on your face
u are discrase
so fuck up the base
and flip anyone that stays
and anyone that plays
that stupid game
and tries to cange u,
but its all about your name,
but u think that shit is lame
u know what? I feel the same,

so stop tryin to change him
u fucken freak,
u think its making him weak,
u think u tellin him what to seek,
to praise the lord
but he feels bored
and he wants to press abort
thats how I feel
but I got a fucken heart made out of steal
u cant tell me what, I wanna deal
u cant spin it cause I wanna wheel
way different from that shit u give me
so u better leave me
so u can receive me
and u dont know who I m
and what I m
under there
its a slayer
or is he
just a player
or is he
there, just to scare
the blair
whitch with the glare in her eye
waiting to touch u so she can say good bye
u will be gone forever
thats the worst nightmare ever
isnt it?
Or do u believe in afterlife
or in the hive
or in heaven in hell
or eleven and well...
13 is the unlucky number
or watch out its the evil cocumber
if u believe in it....I do!!!
Yeah right...if u believe in shit like that
u better put on a hat...
cuase ull be too embarrased and fat
when u see yourself beaten with a bat
and u belived that god would save u
and u believed that is god that gave u
all the luck
and now ur stuck
cause noone heard u, u were talking to the air
and now ur pulling out your hair
and saying ? not fair!!!!!??t;br>?god please help me??h no dont do it!!
Well now u blew it...
hi, u just wasted your life, how do u feel?
I think im just gonna go in there and eat my next meal
cause life doesnt mean anything to me
cause there isnt anything for me
ill just ask god to give me whatever I want
whenever I want
but that doesnt work does it?
U got to work for it myfriend
dont u understand?
Noone is gonna help u..
theres nothing to defend
and u just wanna blend
but the fairy tails dont work
and who knows who wrote them
is it second hand?
Or, oh its just alittle bit bent,
its ok we can fix it
we arent gonna mix it
we just gonna cange the story
and make it alittle more gory
is that ok?
Oh well, im doin it anyway
alittle change wont hurt
there is noone whos gonna be alert,
who wrote this book anyways
who went through all these ways?
Hmm I think its about some guy that parted the water
and fed people foder
and made it taste like fish/
and always gave them their next dish/
or is that just a wish/
that everyone has/
a leader at last/
provides people with answers,
and heals them fast/
your right it was written down in a book/
but is that a reason to believe it?
Is says it right here look!/

by sla-vee

this song was ment to offend 95% of the people of the world, but its just a song, if get offended from that then dont read my shit...