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my songs:NIGHT


Its not worth making deals with the demon/
cuase ur not made out of nothing but seamon/
and if u brake the rules, he will chase u with his engine steam on/

cause demon evil powers/
come from tall towers/
full of dead flowers/
they just dive in, take your soul, and say ?s is ours??lt;br>and this would be the end of my hours/

I spent the rest of my days in hell/
every hour interupted with a bell/
why did I do that to my soul, why did I sell?/
im not too happy being here, u can probably tell/

here in hell its always night/
people are tortured its not a pretty sight/
and to survive u gotta fight/
its hard to see......there is not much of a light/
and im easily noticable just cause im white/
they wanna throw me in a dark hole,
and on top of that I m afraid of hight/

so u better watch out for me, cause I come from hell/
I went up to heaven but they wouldnt accept me and I fell/
down to the ground/
thats where iv been found/
dangerous and pro-found/

if u see me on the street, u better duck/
but hope u wont get stuck/
in that position, cause ull be out of luck/
guess whos dick u gonna have to suck/

many of u think I dont flow cause im Blugarian/
or cause I like dogs, no I aint veterinarian/
I like fruit too, but it doesnt make me vegitarian/

so excuse me for being who im sopposed to/
and excuse me for ruling east and west coast too/
I only lost a battle once, I cant remember who I lost to/
but I crush everyone, including the last two/

and who cares what women I date/
at least I know im in the right state/
california baby and we be living it up/
we be chilling all day and my girls be givin it up/

If I ever make a big rapper, and I dont end up dead/
im gonna try and not get a big head/
and share the money with my friends instead/
and my girls for giving me pleasures in bed/

but there is one thing that im afraid of/
im afraid to die/
courage will show what I m made of/
im made of lie/

but If I keep talking trash/
I better learn to fly/
cause Im gonna die in a crash/
and im gonna have to say bye/

and ask god to forgive me/
and give me a second chance/
ask the devil to leave me/
and give me a second dance/

I tried to convince them that im not a bad guy/
but they said ?night, thats when u gonna have to die??lt;br>

by sla-vee

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