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my songs:FEAR


If you are my enemy u better talk/
but soon you wont even be able to walk/
im the one wearing those lugs/
and drinking from those damn mugs/
you are just a wanna be/
wondering what u gonna be/
soon ull be nothing but a loner/
having a boner/
everytime u see a naked stoner/
and that thing about your sister...i own her/
just dont catch me fucking her or ull be a fuckin goner/
your blood be spilling on the floor/
by the door/
what u want some more?/

ill put u in a chair and shoot u until u roll over/
or maybe I should just make u bend over/
so u can get raped in the ass and your blood starts drippin on the floor all over/
and if I dont succeed ill start over/

so dont try and fuck with me/
cause if u ever get stuck with me/
ur gonna have to bow down and duk with me/

ill stick my foot up your face/
u bitch trying to start fights and look like an ace/
oh you think it tastes good?/
try and taste that fucking prison food/
but if u ever get out of there/
its me with whom ur gonna have to bear/

ill put on a hood/
and chase u until I catch u...u better pray im in a good mood/
cause otherwize im looking for nothing but blood/
and if u escape ill chase you and beat u down in the mud/
and your blood be causing a flood/

ok thats enough of scaring you/
soon ill be bareing you/
and u cant run away cause ill be tearing u/
in pieces and every person on the street be staring at u/

so do u dare/
to stare/
at the glare/
of the flame in my eyes like a blair/
witch at the corner killing the mayor/
taking him down in my own little layer/
trying to keep it cool by being a player/
but in reality im a cruel slayer/
and nothing will save u not even a prayer/
u gonna die..u might wanna start pulling your hair/
cause our battle is not gonna be even fair/

so u better bow down on your knees/
cause when they say ? is the killer??l say ?is!!??....

by sla-vee (Slavy Elenkov)

u better fear...