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my songs:LIFE


Iv been in too many action scenes/
I dont even know what the word safety means/
when I was in junior high I used to always go to the deans/
ill be sitting there waiting to see whitch way my dick leans/

having a boner/
looking at that girl...oh man I wish I could own her/
but people called me nothing but loner/
cause I used to hang around looking like a fucking stoner/
man....if I had only known her/

but in high school I be walking a round with a cell phone/
expecting a call/
I pick up the phone and run into a fucking street pole/
Im dazed for a sec..but I cant help it and fall/
that didnt look good in front of the girls at all/
and at the end of the day I had to return the cell phone that I stole/

yep those were the days trying to be cool/
by being a fool/
going to school/
wearing shorts with the pic of a bull/
thinking I rule/

but it turned out to be for the best/
I scored a 100% on my first test/
but in P.E. class I almost drowened in the pool,
and to save me the life gueard throw in a vest/
it was obvious that I was an unwanted guest/

maybe I was trying too hard/
it is true I was pretty smart/
even though I look like a guy that would do nothing but fart/
im not that kind of guy please dont make me start/
Im just shopping at k-mart/
looking at girls asses throwing a dart/
pushing a cart/
they look at me and im afraid of not leting a fart/
then they look away braking my heart/

at school I wasnt doing good/
those desks made out of wood/
killing my happyness, and setting a new damn mood/
all I can do is cover my face with a hood/
in the back of the classroom...thats where I stood/

but it was all about to change soon/
I saw a blue moon/
changed my tune/
went to the desert and sat on a dune/

I sat there for 5 days/
trying to figure out that damn maze/
I said ? time for the next phase/
trying to think hard I put my hands on my face/
and finally I felt a little daze/

I figured it out...i should stop pretending/
I should cut that crap and save the money iv been spending/
I should save them and try and have a good ending/
and after 10 years ill look back and see where im standing/

I should stop thinking about sex/
and instead hope for a fed - ex/
informing me that I have some skill/
and I dont have to throw all my rhymes down the hill/
thanking me and begging me for a CD deal/
and then ill ask all those preps..?? does it feel???lt;br>

by sla-vee (Slavy Elenkov)