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06/15/00 wow three days in a row i update this page...alright i put up some graphics..they are ok for starters...and ill see what i can do next maybe ill put a cool graphic or a little movie kinda thing but ill see..for now...just i dont whatever....maximize for max experience...

06/14/00 hey people...i just finished the page..and now ill put up some other shit and like a picture of me or something...and ill update the whats new and when i write a new song ill put it up and ill inform u with whats goin yeah...check back....alright...thats it for now...

06/11/00 I just started building this site, so u people can read some songs that i made....and if enough people know about this site...i just might record them and who knows i might make it big....its up to u

Ay you, thanks for supporting me by visiting my page...peace!


...thats my name, and dont u ever forget it

thank you...

and all the people that like my shit and have supported me...

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